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Barbra Streisand’s Words on Whitney Houston’s Death – How Do You React?

I was writing an article when I heard the CNN alert pop up on my iPad. 48 year old Whitney Houston was dead. Like many, I was caught off guard with this news. Her talent was obvious as her frame belted out notes that left listeners in awe.

Here’s a woman with a God given gift to make beautiful music with her voice. Someone who achieved great levels of success with this gift. Why does an early (from our perspective) death like Whitney Houston’s have such a shaking effect for admirers near and far?

Then I was directed to a tweet by Barbra Streisand:

There are many sad points to this story, which I won’t dive into here. Hopefully her music will be enjoyed for years to come, and those of us left behind will take notice of our own gifts, seeking to maximize them for the benefit of others along the way.

How do you react to this tweet?