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Dear Facebook Friends, It’s Not Personal [I Was Banned]

Banned from Facebook. Three months ago today.

The worst part?

I still don’t know why. Here’s what I mean.

Dear Facebook Friends, It’s Not Personal [I Was Banned]

My wife is currently the source for what’s going on with friends and family on Facebook. Why? Because in late November last year my account was shut down…and I don’t know why.

As a fan of Google+, I happen to really miss Facebook. Here are a few reasons I miss it.

My Non-Marketer Friends aren’t on Google+

Facebook is where family, classmates, and industry friends and news is happening. While I can get much of the latter from savvy folks in the Internet Marketing industry on Google+ if they choose to cross-post, my family and other friends either aren’t on Google+ or haven’t come back.

Facebook Has Some Interesting Things Going On

Facebook is a great source of traffic as is Google+, but Facebook allows you to buy very targeted ad placement on their platform. That is currently not an option on Google+. While the websites I have still get traffic from Facebook by others sharing content there, it’s not what is once was.

Facebook timeline. This is the latest big feature on Facebook, and I’m feeling somewhat out of touch when I haven’t played with new features on popular websites like Facebook.

To My Friends on Facebook

Mostly, Facebook has interesting stuff going on due to the 1600+ friends I connected with there, along with those connected to the several pages I operated which also vanished. Many of these people I like and care about.

If you are one my former Facebook friends, a collegue, an Internet Marketer, or a marketer in general. You are missed. I hope you are doing well.

If you are a friend from High School or College with whom I was connected on Facebook, I hope you and yours are well.

If you are a family member, I miss many of your clever status updates, photos, witty thoughts and challenging ideas.

Some things I ruled out which are common reasons for banishment sited out there on them interwebz:

  • Too many friend requests. Not me. I had over 300 that accumulated over the years in my request bin (who I don’t know), but have never been a trigger happy friend collector.
  • Sending too many messages. Actually, I’d been so busy with other projects and Google+, I hadn’t logged in but a couple times the week I was banned. Not even sure I sent any messages that week.
  • Too many pokes. Does anyone still use this feature? I think I poked like 2 times in all of 2011.
  • Illegal identity. Nope, I was me.
  • Use of copyrighted material. This has been sited as a reason to remove videos, and is commonly associated with using audio tracks illegally with video. I did upload a video shortly before being banned…and this is my only clue, it had to do with Google+. Would Facebook ban me for that? Maybe I’m naive, but I think not.

What’s Next? A New Facebook Account?

Since getting the notice from Facebook November 22, 2011 that my apps and pages were disabled as a result of the personal profile associated being disabled, I thought I would try and see if I could get help. Not so much.

Facebook is fast approaching its 1,000,000,000th user, and I have a sneaking suspicion that they just don’t have the bandwidth to have any level of customer service for users like me.

I understand that if you have a second account, you are in violation with their terms of service. Part of the reason that I haven’t been fired up to light up a profile there. So…

What would you do if you were me? I want to reconnect with family and friends there, but if I don’t know why I was banned in the first place, is it smart to start all over again? Ever had a banned account reinstated? How did you do it? Chime in with your thoughts, ideas, and feedback below.
Image Credit: Facebook.com