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Sad for Home – The Shooting at Chardon, OH High School

I grew up in Ohio. Mentor to be exact.

Before leaving for Colorado in 2009, we lived 3 years in Chardon, Ohio, 25 minutes from Mentor.

At about 5000 people, Chardon is a quaint community made famous for maple syrup and the maple festival. A nice community to raise a family, it’s tucked in the snow-belt.  The snow Denver get’s each year is a pittance compared to Chardon. I spent a fair amount of time in the quaint coffee shop right on the “Chardon Square.”

"Beans" Coffee Shop, Chardon (Source: Google Maps/Street View).

We have great memories of our time in Chardon. The boys playing baseball, the Maple Festival, and mounds of snow. Sadly, I received news early this morning that there was a shooting at Chardon High School. At the time of this writing, 3 students are in critical condition, 1 is stable, and one has passed away (more here).

My heart breaks for many who are deeply affected by this tragedy. The parents, the students, the faculty, the staff.

Sad for Home – The Shooting at Chardon, OH High School

This has really hit home for me.

The reality of today’s event is still raw, the shock will last a while, grieving will last even longer, healing…it’s too early to think about that. The comfort needed at a time like this, is the kind only God can provide.

I spoke to a friend of mine here in Colorado who survived the Columbine shooting. She said if anyone needs to talk with her, she is available. She also offered the principle of Columbine as someone who can speak to such a tragedy as this.

Maple House, Chardon Square, Chardon, OH. (Source: Google Maps/Street View)

To friends and loved ones in Chardon and the surrounding communities, know that people here in in Colorado are praying.

If you are affected by this tragedy and need someone to talk with don’t remain alone. You can start by chiming in here, I will listen, and can put you in touch with my friend mentioned above if you like.

How are you responding to this tragedy?