Mother’s Day Victory

It doesn’t always happen this way, which is what made Mother’s Day this year so memorable.

It was cold.

Cold for May.

Very cold for my wife.

That’s how we’ve found the weather here in Colorado after nearly 3 years. Unpredictable at times, windy, and even some sun.

Yet, she endured the wind, the cold, and a bit of rain for two days to cheer on her teenage son, and rejoice. In the end the team got their first tournament victory, congratulations Broomfield Braves!

It’s worth mentioning that his biggest fan and younger brother was right there cheering the team on as well!

We didn’t spend the entire day at the baseball park, we went out to one of our favorite┬árestaurants┬áto honor Mom and celebrate, followed by some downtime at home, watching one of our favorite shows.

Son honors Mom (card and rose) on Mother's Day after baseball team won tournament.

Not your typical Mother’s Day to be sure, but one we will remember.

Did you make any memories for Mom on Mother’s Day this year? Chime in below.