What I Learned about Relationships at InfusionCon

Nearly every year for the past several years I’ve made it a priority to head to Phoenix for Infusionsoft’s annual conference, aptly titled InfusionCon. Over the years I’ve found this to be one of the most valuable conferences to me personally and professionally, making it part of a short list of conferences I aspire to attend regularly. This year there were fundamental things that stuck out to me regarding business relationships at this conference that I thought I’d share here. These simple concepts, but I sense are overlooked by many.

What I Learned about Relationships at InfusionCon

1 – Social Networks are Limited

Huge fan of social networks. Make no mistake, they can also be a huge distraction. It’s important to have a strategy, and to refine and remind yourself of the strategy often. For me, social networks are fun, but they are also for business.

With the proliferation of social networks, not to mention the rise of new ones seemingly every six months or so, it can be difficult to manage any meaningful relationships with those in your network. Coming up on 20,000 followers on Twitter or 100,000 on Facebook, there’s no way to know them all very well.

This limitation is shattered when meeting face-to-face, which brings me to my next point.

2 – Social Networks Accelerate Face to Face Meetings

When you meet someone in person that you’ve known to a certain extent online, it can have a huge impact on the relationship. People who know you from Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, or any of the many other social sites often feel an instant connection when meeting in person. It serves as an “accelerator”.


US and International Friends at Infusionsoft’s InfusionCon.

Most of the people in the photos above are those I first met online. You might know one or more from social networks as well.

3 – Facilitating Others Connections

Taking things to the next level, I find it fun to make connections for other people. Introducing friends to other friends… This is one of the most powerful things about business relationships, helping others help others starts with an introduction.

For example, Tamra is having a difficult time staffing up her business with quality, loyal people with a “get the job attitude”, Theresa is someone that does that exceptionally well, facilitating an introduction, I shared why I thought they should be talking, and as it happened they became fast friends, sharing great lessons they’ve learned finding and hiring talent.

In the end, relationships are what you make of them, and not everyone values them the same. For me, I have found some of the greatest potential for business relationships over the years at InfusionCon. If you’ve found business conferences you attend to come up short, connect on social networks with attendees in advance of the conference and commit to connect with them face-to-face at the conference. It can make all the difference!

How do relationships at events conferences & conferences impact your business relationships? What conferences will you attend this year? Were you at InfusionCon? Chime in below.

In Photo above (left to right): Tommi Wolfe, Mike Connolly, Travis Campbell, Rebekah WelchJorge Aldrovandi, James Wedmore, and Mari Smith.


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