Creating Memorable Customer Experiences

Did you have any down time this summer? Perhaps a family vacation?
Summers can be a great time of memories.

I had a particular experience with my son this summer, we went downhill mountain biking in Winter Park. It was incredible, and tested
our limits. I may have aged another 10 years!

After a 7 minute ride up the mountain on a chair lift, you roll downhill, traversing rocks, navigating between trees at high speed, and
catching some air off the jumps along the single track path.

It was something we will never forget. We even had a couple good wrecks!

Notice small flesh wound on my hand...

Notice small flesh wound on my hand…

If you’re like a lot of small businesses you work hard spending time
and resources getting prospects to make a decision, and hopefully their
decision usually goes your way. When they do decide to purchase from
you, this is really just another starting point for the next sale.

Now more than ever we are in an “experience economy.” The business with
the best customer experience wins. Creating something to talk about for
customers is key, making their experience with your product or service is
just as important as the product or service itself.

When creating a memorable experience, you not only affirm their purchase
decision, but you sew goodwill for the next purchase they might make from
you. More than that you poise yourself to gain more referral business from
those delighted to be in your customer family. This yields higher customer
lifetime value, more qualified referrals, and shorter sales cycles. Everyone wins!

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE TIP: Invoices are typically boring. When was the last time you were thrilled to open a vendor invoice? Make it exciting like an Infusionsoft customer did. After redesigning his invoice, including a motivational phrase or nugget on the invoice, he stapled a lottery ticket to each invoice as well. Cost? $1!
This created a buzz among customers, and his accountant was pleased to see his invoices being paid faster!

You may not go screaming down a Colorado mountain with your customer to create a memorable experience like my son and I did this summer, but you can delight them with one that matters to them. In doing so, you’ll find it will matter to you as well.

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