What I Learned Working at Infusionsoft

infusionsoft-what-i-learned-working-there01All good things must come to an end, as they say.

Today, I’m sharing publicly that I’m no longer with Infusionsoft.

Make no mistake, Infusionsoft is an awesome company. Having been a partner for several years before being recruited as an employee, I can honestly say they are the same on the inside as they appear to the outside. I also believe they have the most compelling all-in-one sales and marketing system available for true small businesses. Having grown 50% again last year, they are well on their way to being a billion dollar software company.

As I look back on my time with Infusionsoft it is with great satisfaction. There are three main reasons for that.

What I Learned Working at Infusionsoft

1 – Working with Others Energizes Me

It was a small team of 5 before the regional business development department was closed. There was a lot of autonomy, and this was encouraged, and yet when we needed resources for a project, it was provided to us. It was amazing to be in such a supportive environment that encouraged experimentation and provided the support to pull things off. And the results justified that (more on that in a moment).

More than that I discovered that working with others, specifically colleagues, partners, and customers to go and destroy goals together is very energizing for me.

As a result, after having been an entrepreneur very early in my career, I’ve realized that I do some of my best work when locking arms with leaders, clarifying strategic objectives, and then going out and executing.

2 – People Told Me I Helped Make a Difference in the Lives of Business Owners

Shortly after leaving Infusionsoft I came across some feedback given from attendees of workshops I hosted. This was very encouraging. Businesses are hungry for good information, and many felt that those workshops delivered.

Attendees often have dreams which thrusted them into entrepreneurship, but the day to day operations can also thrust them out! The failure rates of small businesses support that.

Understanding the core passion that contributed to getting into business in the first place should be revisited.

“WHY are you doing what you are doing”, I would ask attendees.

Answers like, “I wanted to earn money on my terms” while noble, didn’t fly with me.

Recapture the blissful joy of WHY you became an entrepreneur!

Recapture the blissful joy of WHY you became an entrepreneur!

Pressing, my response was something like, “what does earning money on your own allow you to do that was difficult prior to being and entrepreneur?”

Sometimes it took several questions to get there, but for those who would be willing, we’d often end up at a place where they wanted to be there for their parents, their children, or to provide financially for a sick relative.

On more than one occasion, attendees admitted that they were somewhat burnt out, and that refreshing their mind as to why they went into business served to refire their passion.

3 – Mission Accomplished

When Infusionsoft and I were in discussions before my hiring, it was clear that neither of us knew what success looked like, and I was ok with that. There was trust in the relationship that we would figure out what success is, and how to measure it. However, I often look at new ventures in terms of 2, 5, and 10 years. I developed what I thought was an attainable yet audacious goal which I kept close to the vest.

December 5th, 2011 when I signed on, I told myself, “in 2 years time I want to see the Infusionsoft customer footprint (for the Colorado area) double. Twice.”

I was no fool, this wouldn’t happen due to my activity alone, there was a team in Chandler, AZ that would have a large role in the success that would be Infusionsoft Colorado.

Fast forward… being let go wasn’t something I had not anticipated. I was gearing up for a big event, aiming to finish the year strong, the holidays, and getting ready for 2014. As I signed my “goodbye papers”, and put a date of December 5, 2013, it hit me. It was two years ago the day when I’d signed on. I wonder where the final numbers would fall… did I achieve my secret goal?

When I came on board, Colorado had:

  • 110 active customers
  • 2 active Certified Consultants (me being one of them)
  • 20 or so partners.

Several days after the layoff I got the final numbers. The active customers in Colorado as of December 5, 2013 was 454. A 413% increase, two years to the day of starting with the company.


Allow this to be reiterated, this was a team effort. Starting with those in Chandler and a close second being the 70+ partners that were recruited in that timeframe. All helped elevate the brand and customers came into the fold.

I’ve even cataloged my lessons in a video series to help businesses build up a local presence. It’s title is no surprise, 7 Strategies that Grew a Local Business by 4X in Two Years. You can learn more about it here.


Learn the Strategies Used to Increase Customer Base by 4x in Two Years

The Next Mission

What’s next? That isn’t clear yet. I’m currently engaging consulting clients, and have capacity for a couple more assignments until I find my proper home.

Here’s what others have indicated I do well:

  • Think Strategically about Business and Marketing, having a CEO Mindset
  • Execute Intelligently
  • Identifying, Approaching, and Engaging Market Influencers
  • Develop a Partner Channel
  • Evaluate, Tweak, Improve
  • Leverage technology to connect, compel, and convert

In any event, I’d love to have you along for the ride. Please engage the webform on this page to stay in the loop. I’d be honored to help you in your journey as I publish articles and business oriented content here! In fact, you might even be able to help me!

If you know someone who values the skills I possess (see more on my LinkedIn profile), I’d like to hear from you. Feel free to chime in the comments below, message me on LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Perspective and Current Theme Song

This 2 year adventure has taught me a lot. As a long-term entrepreneur I realized working with others is energizing, helping others succeed is in my blood, and setting audacious goals, while scary, is worth it. These things together made this experience very satisfying. Thanks for playing a part in it.

“All good things must come to and end” they say. While that may be true, what is also true, is when something good ends, something great is around the corner. Let’s get it!

And now, I leave you with my current theme song from Rdio.

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