A coveted word.

Freedom isn’t something everyone has.

It is something everyone wants.

Desire, built within.

Its definition is multi-faceted.

Freedom to:
o Live where you wish
o Work where you wish
o Be an entrepreneur
o ..pursue your dreams


It is celebrated this time of year in the USA, and enjoyed by its citizens throughout the year.

But, life is so fast-paced, I often forget to…





Then I remember, freedom isn’t free.

Many have sacrificed much for this precious gift, even loss of life.

Thank you.

Seems like an insufficient and overused word. Yet, it is the best word I know.

I’m not really taking advantage of my freedom this weekend. No lavish vacation, no long road trips to see distant loved ones. Just staying around the house, with family.

That is a choice. To be home. Not because I have to, because I want to.

Come to think of it. That’s what I do most of the time. Not stay home… but choose to do what I desire…

…so I guess I’m taking advantage of my freedom afterall…

One thing for sure; Freedom is available because of others. Others sacrificing so I don’t have to. Acting on my behalf. Following the ultimate example of sacrifice.

I’m staying close to home this weekend. Thankful for that choice. It’s made possible by those who have gone before me. This and previous generations. Ensuring this cherished and God given right.

To all, in the US and beyond. Enjoy your weekend, your freedom.

Remember to pause. ____…and smell the flowers.

Image Credit: TheGiantVermin, kh1234567890